Review for Naturello Vitamin D

Many of us know how important it is today to take supplements, but do they know how important it is to take them made from organic and whole food sources?

I have been using whole food vitamins for a long time now.  I see a difference if I forget to take them.  This brand has made it in my recommendation list to my clients.  They are affordable and the company has a good reputation

I have been personally using the company and my clients all like it as well. Here is why you should be taking vitamin D.  Woman need Calcium and Vitamin D to help our bones from osteoporosis. 

Its harder now to get vitamin D, weather and other reasons many of us can not be in the sun,  so this is another great alternative.  I know this time of year I take extra to keep the immune system  running smooth.  I have a bit of a regimin due to fibromyalgia.

Why I like this product :

I trust the company to deliver a quality product.

I am feeling the benefits from this product.

I can take the product on the go, with out eating food first.

I actually can not find anything negative to say about it.  but the price is a little higher than some other products.  I still think its worth it for the quality.   You can find it on amazon by clicking here….

Fibromyalgia – The Invisible disease

Some people suffer for a long time in the beginning stages of Fibromyalgia, never knowing what is actually happening. I was one of them. As I tell a little of my story, I hope to inspire or help someone to get help or help to deal with the effects of this chronic and debilitating disease. People see you, and think you look fine and have no clue what you’re dealing with. Some people call it the invisible disease, we learn to hide it well.

New to Fibromyalgia – What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is diagnosed as a widespread musculoskeletal pain, with tenderness in localized areas, as well as fatigue which can lead to depression. Both men and woman can suffer from this chronic disease. It is considered an auto immune disease. This leads to many aliments and discomforts and can learn to be managed once it is discovered.

It feels like it attacks the muscles and joints, now if you are new to fibromyalgia you can join some groups out there for support. I also do work with clients with the condition. Its helpful to have someone to talk to and help manage the different issues that arise.

When I was diagnosed years ago it took a long time for them to diagnose me. It was new and many doctors had no clue what it was at that time. This became extremely frustrating. It is imperative that you see a specialist and not waste time.

What Causes Fibromyalgia? – Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Traumas and long periods of stress are causes, physical abuse, undiagnosed lymes’ disease, malabsorbtion of vitamins, and These are among the few things Doctors will agree on. Holistic Doctors will say its also toxins in our environment.

Traumas in life can be caused by many events in life. You may have had some situations or a traumatic event that happened in the past. This could trigger fibromyalgia. One of the first symptoms I noticed was soreness on my tender points.

Some early symptoms would be brain fog, chronic fatigue, and even depression, sleep disturbances, chronic pain in many areas of the body. This can actually be dangerous, even after you get diagnosed. You could have a major issue but the used to the pain and not getting the proper treatment it could become extremely serious.

The next thing I found out, I am unable to release toxins. Growing up on carbs almost 80 percent of my diet. Was not a healthy choice for me or any fibromyalgia patient. We tend to hold toxins in our fat cells. I went to school and began studying nutrition daily. I learned toxins need to be released from our bodies, among other things about food I had no idea was relevant.

Today medications like lyrica and many anti depressants. Personally I am not a fan of this, but if it works for you. Please do tell me about your situation. I would love to know. I find for me a holistic route is better and healthier. Stress and processed food are major triggers.

One of the quickest ways to check if you have it now is to check the tender points. Take the thumb and pointer finger and squeeze tight on the sides of the wrists, if they are sore. Then I would check to see what other symptoms you may have to be fully diagnosed properly from an experienced physician with Fibromyalgia expertise.

My familiar symptoms – Achy joints, sensitive skin, ( hurts with certain fabrics) sensitive to loud noises, IBS, headaches, lower neck and back pains, exhausted, problems sleeping, neuropathy, depression (due to feeling of helplessness), anxiety, and never feeling refreshed (even if you sleep 8 hours). Painful inflammation.

Natural Ways to Help with Fibromyalgia

There are natural ways today to help with pain. A weekly gentle massage, This will help to move toxins. Using a heating pad or blanket will also provide comfort. Checking for vitamin deficiency is so important. Magnesium is helpful for pain. B vitamins will help with the brain fog. C and D as well.

I do have a few more things I take but they are to keep up my immune system. Rosemary for fibro fog, (brain fog) is a big help. There are many such as wintergreen, peppermint, and lemon will add to vitality. I use them in a diffuser. These can be quite helpful.

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet helps with the symptoms too. I noticed from the beginning adding a salad a day to my diet helped me greatly. Many people realize food does affect our bodies, but sometimes we do not realize the negative damage the wrong foods are doing. If your diligent with organic foods and no toxic or inflammatory causing foods. Its so much more tolerable.

Since toxins tend to be held in our fat cells, detoxing can be extremely helpful. This can be done by eating a raw food diet for a few weeks. You can also do a fast. There are many to choose from that are quite beneficial. I will be doing a bone broth fast after the holidays for a few days.

Finding a balance is key and like many of us, I have had trouble in this area most of my life. Food has so many issues today. GMO, and toxins are playing a major role in many of our illnesses. Do try to eat less or let go of processed foods where possible.

It is also helpful to use meditation and stretching techniques. Some days when it seems impossible you need to meditate and bring your body to a place of healing. This is not an easy illness but it can be managed and you can live and be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. You will learn techniques and healthy ways to heal your body and soul.

Managing stress with meditation is a major key to helping you daily.   I recommend massages and heat and cold compresses.

My Story  – Fibromyalgia and Trauma

I was about 10 years old, and my mom passed away. It was a traumatic time for me. As my Dad also had a mental breakdown at the same time, due to the loss of his wife. So losing both parents about the same time, blocked a lot of things out. Before this event happened, life was simple, and happy.

I always created my life to be happy, I learned young I was responsible to be happy or not. In my mid to late 20s feelings started to surface and I thought I was dealing well with them.

I was probably a bit depressed in my early teens, looking back at that time in my life. Traumatic events will definitely cause issues somewhere down the road. This was the start of my journey to wellness and I had no clue I would go down the path I have chosen.

Fibromyalgia can show up at any age. I was in my mid 30s, Keeping busy in life and working like the rest of the world, I didn’t have the time to think I may be getting sick. I started feeling pain on a consistent basis.

First I was experiencing a lot of pain in lower back and spread to other areas at different times. I assumed it was from aging. When I began to ask friends if they had any of these symptoms and they said No.

I decided to see a doctor and this doctor sent me to see a Neurologist and then a specialist and this went on for quite some time. No one seemed to know what was wrong. When I got full-blown fibromyalgia I couldnt lift my head and was bed ridden for a few months.

The next thing I found out (through a naturopath) I was holding toxins. Growing up on carbs almost 80 percent of my diet. Was not a healthy choice for me or any fibromyalgia patient. We tend to hold toxins in our fat cells.

nutrition daily I learned toxins need to be released from our bodies. Most people release them in bowl movements or sweating. Not so true for people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

After spending massive amounts of money and months going to doctors I found someone who was able to diagnose the problem. At this time Fibromyalgia was quite new, and no one knew of it. At one point I had so many symptoms I thought I was dying, but I never told too many people, even now I rarely discuss it.

Looking normal to the rest of the world and they don’t realize the extent of pain or stress you’re under. People do not understand it or know how it controls your life. Patients suffering from it hardly understand it, so how can we expect our friends and family too. One key is always remember gratitude, think of how far you have come. I have to say It has gotten a bit better for me as long as I follow a daily regimen. I will say its hard at times when life stresses get in the way, and you have no idea how you will get through it. Just stop breathe and remember take one day at a time

If you suffer from this illness and need to help I can guide you or help you find an understanding or peace with it. The first thing I would do is try to cut out processed and unhealthy foods. Feel free to contact me for more information.

God Bless you!

What is Your Mindset? Love or Fear?

Love or Fear?

So what does this mean? Well we are always in either state, love or fear. Yes its that simple. Most of us go on our daily lives never realizing we are in a fear based mindset. We do our daily tasks, and get through the day. Sometimes we don’t realize how we may be holding on to anger or disappointment.

Perhaps you have gone through a trauma in life, I understand it and have had my share, I think its part of our lessons. But some of you have had some serious situations, that are not the average daily stresses, or losses we somehow all have to face. They are some horrific situations.

Which creates fear, and without working with a professional or doing deep emotional work yourself its hard to deal with. This is something you may need to figure out. Perhaps you found this page for a reason, you are trying to soul search and find a deeper meaning in life.

Where to begin, first off, FEAR is something that controls us and keeps us from moving forward. This can be from trying new things, Having a strong belief within ourselves, It works on self esteem and can cripple some people emotionally. Fear and anger hold us back from inner true happiness. Sometimes the fear is so bad and we cant see it at all. Others point it out to us. We think may think our actions are normal, because it is all we have known.

If your in a negative thought pattern, then you are fear based. You need to turn it around back to the state of love, where the positive things begin to happen. Spiritually, we are love and we are beings of light. We are put here to love and help one another. That is why when you do for others naturally, our heart lights up.

The mind and emotions get in the way. Many of us do not realize, if we are in an angry or fear based state, we tend to bring more negative issues towards us. Have you ever noticed you may wake up and start the day in a great mood. Then you stub your toe, or you recieve a bad phone call . The energy shifts. You go to the fear based mode. Now if you don’t change your mindset right away it follows you till you do. We are human and have a right to feel angry or upset. Its just you need to shake it fast. Allow the feeling and deal with it. 

Practicing mindfulness daily will keep you in a better place, all around. Just like the gratitude Journal, I suggested in an earlier post. This too will also bring you to a place of contentment and inner peace. Practice this when you can, more often in the tough situations. When stress is high, that is how you test yourself.

We have all been tested in life this is for sure. Simple actions daily can make all the difference. It may take a few days to a week of practicing simple steps, as an example, when you have a negative thought. Replace it within 15 seconds with something positive. When you do this frequently, the mindset changes and you eventually are over on the side of LOVE. This is a little trick to stay on the happier side.

I know to some of you its hard to believe, but this is one technique I use personally with clients to show how negatively we can think. This opens us up to look inside to where its coming from. We are programmed mostly from family and friends we surround ourselves with. Some of it starts as fun and sarcasm, but words create. So think and speak with thought behind it. I don’t mean when your joking. I mean when your passionate and angry think before your speaking. You are recreating all the time.

When I first went I IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition) and started my journey. I was embraced with Love. I have met some of the best people that came together under one roof. They were there not only help themselves, but to help others as well. People came from all over the world to NYC.

I knew my energy shifted and the love I felt when we were together. The energy was pure Love Its was unreal having the connections and to this day they all hold a special place in my heart. Some I am quite close to as sisters. Theyr’e incredible people and have a wonderful soul.

Here I learned so much about Love and Fear! Love is so much more than finding it in one loving relationship, some of us are very lucky. They find committed love, with a partner. Some are trying to find it with someone else and not realizing you need to love yourself first. This is just once form of love and yes its special. 

So many relationships with family and friends and people yet to be good friends, if we learn to love and respect them and look for the good in each person, we are on the side of love. Thinking negatively about them or hurtful and unforgiving brings us back to fear. 

Self love,is powerful,  how can we teach someone how to love us?  We should love one another for the differences they bring to the table.   

Are You In Love or Fear?

When you live in a love based mindset, you realize how strong and secure with self love ,  but still  may want someone to love. You just enjoy loving people for who they are and not what we want them to be. As I journey through many spiritual courses and learning along with my clients, we find love means so many things. Not just a relationship with one person. Its with other people and animals and passions in our lifes. .

Taking a look within can be an interesting ride, some do not take the time to go on. I think many are living in fear and they aren’t aware. Tell me your thoughts, where do you see yourself? Do your thoughts control you? Are you on the side of Love or Fear? Bless you all and may you all find and be in Self Love always first.

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Review for Oregano Oil – Natures Medicine

What is Oregano Oil? – Why Use Organic?

Oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) is a perennial herb, that has some powerful medicinal uses. Its a member of the Lamiaceae family. There are over 40 types of oregano and it was originally found in the European countries. The most therapeutic oregano that is known today is the wild oregano.  Wild or Organic Oregano Oil would be best to use.

When ever possible try to take in the least possible amount of chemicals or fillers. Using Organic products will have the least if  any and is the purest of oils. Gaia herbs tends to be a company of value and pure ingredients. This product is vegan. This means there are no animal products used or animals where not used in testing the oil.

I like to research a company.  No just review a product. If I take it myself or recommend it, I want it to be one of the best and affordable.  Since 1987 Gaia herbs has been established as a Certified Organic (COG) herbs and herbal products.

There are so many reasons why I love this company.  They have a positive impact on the environment and community.  Helping the soil regenerate. They have reports that go into great detail.

Benefits of Oregano Oil – Is it for you?

Some of the benefits of oregano oil includes immune support to help promote a healthy digestive flora. This can help during the cold and flu seasons. It can be used a homeopathic antibiotic. It helps with fungus, and known to help with pain associated with athritis. Helps with preventing infections, antivirial and used in gastrointestional issues.

These are just some of the healing benefits of Oregano Oil that you may find to help you. If your on medicine you should ask your doctor before using it.

Pills or Drops?

This is depending on what you may be using it for. Drops would be beneficial for using it along with a carrier oil, such as olive or grapeseed oil.

You can use this on skin infections as well as taking it internally. The taste is not that great. The cleaner and more filtered the oil. It will have a distinguished taste.  Its usually not that good and quite unpleasant for most of us.  I just put it under my tongue or dilute with water.

Taking the pills may be a lot easier, to swallow. This is a personal preference. As long as your getting it into the system. Either form should be sufficent.

Side effects

Some people may experience side effects from using the oil due to being allergic to oregano or the plants in the Lamiaceae family ( mint, basil, lavender, and sage).

Some symptoms of allergic reaction could be and are not limited to are, itching or skin rash, difficulty breathing, facial swelling, stomach upset. If your not sure your allergic to these plants.

Please see a Doctor before you use oregano oil. Most negative upsets are due to misuse of the product by taking too much and not following the proper dose.

* If your pregnant do not use oregano oil or consult your physician

My Review…

I love my oregano oil and since I learned about it and started using it in 2005, I have been blessed that if I do get sick, its for a short period of time. Maybe a day or two.

I do tend to take them about 10 days now as  preventive. I do not recommend using them daily. They are to be used for 10 days and then off for a while.

Like the seasons during change I use it mostly.  I would recommend you ask your doctor if your uncertain.

Reasons to purchase Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano – Organic oil

Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano has a great price here at amazon

Easy pill form to swallow

Company is well known since 1987 and is sustainable

I decided to do a  review today  because I am ordering more now.  I know its a secret weapon for my health.  Since I first tried the pills I was hooked. This is one of those products that of all my oils I use.

I really do have it in the house at all times. Since I started using oregano oil,  I have never been with out it.

I will even take a couple pills for a few days If I go out during this winter season to gatherings, I usually take a couple when I get home or before I go.  So many people have colds and this helps to keep the immune system up and running.

Reasons to purchase UpNature wild Oregano oil

These drops are fast working

can be easily diluted in water

Great price point and you can purchase here at amazon

Reputable company you can actually research

It is therapeutic wild oregano

I have both of these products in my home and use them both depending on what I may need. If you can handle the drops I  recommend them, if your coming down with a sore throat or cold symptoms, they work faster.

At least try to  get the wild oregano drops or organic oregano oil in pill form.  If your using these now please let me know your experience.

These two products are some of the best I have used. You can also read the many reviews from other people using them.

*Note – I do get paid for you purchasing it here it helps to pay for my site, You will not be affected cost wise.  Your still getting the lowest cost price available.  I will only be reviewing products I find to be some of the best out there and recommend to clients or family or friends.

Winters on the way!

So it’s getting really cold out… I love the fall, the leaves and the colors.  I wish it would stay this way for at least 2 more months.  I could skip winter. Well maybe not. Maybe just no more than one snow storm, but I do enjoy the cold too.

The first snow is beautiful…then after that its just interfering with what we have to get done.  So most of us who have to get up early and drive somewhere can get a little stressed.  This winter,  I will embrace the it, the snow and whatever comes our way.  Be in the moment.

Its time to make the soups and stews and that warm weather food we all love.  What are some of your favorite winter meals?  Snacks? Cider or Hot chocolate?  I love it all.  That is half the problem. Well, that a Italian bread. 

I will have to watch and cut back on the snacks and holiday cocktails and goodies or I could end up putting on extra bear weight.  You know the winter kind  that you cant get back off in time for the summer.  But you needed to lose last winter.  Oh well, Winter is almost upon us. 

I hear the first snow in New york is going to be tomorrow. I love the first time it falls I can not lie.  Then I would always wish it away. But this year I will take it all in and just try to enjoy.  

Remembering what we have power to change.  Weather is not something we can do much about. So prepare and get out the blankets and warm cozy sweaters.  Set the wood up for fires, sit among friends. 

Maybe get ready to journal about the coming new year. What is it that you may want to accomplish?  Take a moment to daydream.  Lets take time this season and reflect what we want to see this coming new year.  Stay warm,  grab a great book and take a moment for yourself.

This season take the time,  to care about yourself.  Any moment that you can take.  Do things you enjoy, especially. if you are someone who suffers with winter depression. Pick up a happy light. Just use it even if its a few minutes a day.  Whatever you can do, it will help get through the season if its tough on you.

*Highlighted words are links to help you find products I talk about in my articles.  

Healthy Food Creates A Healthy Mind

Do you think about the food you eat? 

Taste Alone – Why Crave?

With so many tastes so ready and available, how do we choose on a daily basis what to eat? What is going to make my body run like a Ferrari?

Besides the times that food is handed to you at dinner or if you over eat leftovers, so the food doesn’t go bad.   When we choose our food, its because we are craving it. Like something, salty or sweet, or savory, spicy, or mixed. Do you ever stop to think, what will this food do for me, besides tasting good? Why is it afterwards we all feel a bit guilty if its not the healthiest choice. What makes you crave food anyway? Nutritionists say, it can be a deficiency in vitamins or minerals that make you seek out food. If your’e too hungry in an hour after eating breakfast your’e not getting enough protein. I did learn a lot about Nutrition at IIN.

GMO – Oh No!

If your’e living in the USA or most of the world by now you know what GMO means, if not its genetically modified organism. I have done a lot of research about it from years ago. Some scientists say its better for our food, because we can make it last longer, and less waste. There are many reasons they are doing this but a couple are supposidly it reduces green house emissions and save money and energy by using less fossil fuels and they would be able to add more nutrients to the food. Wow this sounds great! Doesn’t it??

In Europe a very reputable and highly recognized Dr Arpad Pusztai who was given a grant to study effects of GMO foods. Began finding cancer tumors growing in rats that were fed GMO potatoes. This started to happen only after 10 days. When feeding other rats regular non GMO potatoes spiked with GNA lectin. 700 times more was added and the rats had no ill effects. I suggest people need to research this more. Make a decision based on your health needs, I try to read labels when grocery shopping. If the number 9 is in the begining of a produce bar code, this means its organic. The other numbers are not. Most likely are GMO foods. You can ask your local grocer if your’e uncertain. Maybe they are trying to add better nutrients to the food, but, it may not be the result for us in the long run.

Fresh – Is Best!

Im sure you know the best foods that are out there are the fresh and fabulous foods in the produce area. Well its actually what we should be eating as much of as possible. The nutrients needed daily are hard to get in, with all the minerals missing in our soil  .Organic vegetables and foods are considered to be better, depending on the reputable farms you purchase from. USA certified means the least amount of pesticides are allowed. I tend to buy organic as much as possible. If they are hard to find in your area, click the link above for farm to table vegetables sent to your home.

I have done so many experiments with myself with food, testing my allergies and moods. I tend to see in myself and clients that work with me. Eating a highly vegetarian type diet, you tend to feel and think a lot clearer than when eating too much breads or refined carbohydrates, Even too many startchy vegtables can make you lathargic. So food does effect us in many ways.

Having Less Processed foods – Can We?

Why is it so hard for us to get away completely from these processed but tasty foods. I myself, used to see something new and exciting in the grocery store and would call a friend and tell them. This was usually with a dessert. Sugar has always had its way with me. No so much anymore. Its not easy for some people to let go of sugar. I will be talking about this more in depth later on in another post.

Its like a drug or something. You cross the threshold and now you cant turn back, everything is calling your name. So do we need to go cold turkey. Some of us do.(me). Some can have small amounts and it doesn’t effect them. The majority of us that lose and gain weight. We need to keep it all away. I have a low amount I can have and get away with it. But if I have too much. I will start craving it and since I learned this I just will have a taste once in a while.

I almost want to jump into this photo above. I’m sure if you love sugar, you are thinking the same. It makes me feel tired afterwards and I lose my drive and focus. This is the only reason for the most part, I keep away from it.

Also its causes weight gain. Writing this post would be impossible for me after consuming sugar. I don’t get the zippy high and energy. I just crash in minutes after.  How do you feel from sugar? How does it effect your lifestyle?

Here is a healthier option, using nuts and dried fruits. Put this out instead of the cookies and cakes or give it as a gift idea.  Buy it here.

Moderation – The Key!

With all of this going on with our foods its a wonder why we are ill, over weight, under weight, malnutrition, and many issues with food in general. So what can we really do. Well for those of you who are really lucky and have no ill effects keep it in moderation.

The rest of us need to look at what we are putting into our body and ask what will this do for me? Will I benefit from it? Will this add energy or take it away? If we practice this it will keep you on track to feeling healthy.  Its not all about losing weight.

Its about how we feel first. Weight loss will come and even I have eaten good foods that are healthy and still have to watch.  Battling weight loss my whole life.

We can add excercise, even brisk walks will be helpful. We are what we eat, and it affects the mind and soul. If you eat crap you will feel crappy. It’s just that simple. Its hard to create a fabulous life when we are feeling exhausted, depressed or angry.

If your tired of feeling tired and lost that energy its not just our age, its our fuel. Look at what your consuming. Does your food give you the energy to sustain the day?  Daily do can we all use a food tune up?

Next time you sit down to eat a meal, ask yourself questions, what will this food do for me?   Will it taste good for 5 minutes while eating and then your stomach will hurt or issues arise shortly after.

It can still happen to me, when I am faced with eating at family gatherings or places I don’t always have control of the food, how its prepared or if feeling overly stressed. Having control most days can become a health habit.

For the next ten days, try to only eat double the fresh vegetables  you would normally eat. Eat two vegetarian meals at least a few days. Try to eat as little as you can of carbohydrates. Let me know how you feel. The power of food can be incredible and little changes can last a lifetime.

*Highlighted words are links to products or foods I endorse, it helps to pay for the sight, no cost to you. 

Are You Grateful?

Are you in appreciation of where you are in each moment?

What steps do you take to show appreciation in your life?

Gratitude – How do you show it?

When you wake up, do you start your day with thanks, and appreciation? Maybe you blame others when things aren’t going your way?  Always remember we cannot control what others are doing.  We only control our responses.  Becoming more aware of our feelings and what energy we put out, is really important.  What you give, you get in return.

Giving – Doing for others

Most of us are always doing for others in some way, it may be helping your children,  our relationships, taking care of family in some way. Its not always easy.   We need to give without wanting anything in return.  Just be giving. This is in our nature, but life gets us so busy some of us tend to forget it along the way. We are busy just trying to get through our own obligations. Have you ever thought to yourself, am I a giving person. Do I give to others the best I can.  What have you done for someone lately?  Pay it forward,  Just being kind to people, and making them laugh or smile.  There are so many ways, even buying someone a cup of coffee and giving a smile can brighten someones day.

Staying Grateful – An Ideal Mindset

I am sure your grateful right now for something. Its staying there every day and in each moment that is the hardest thing to master for most of us.  When we do life is so much more incredible. More things happen the way you need it too.  Your never depressed. Its almost impossible to stay in full gratitude and practice it and become sad inside.

You can find out how grateful you are now by doing something positive for yourself. This can be done daily. Daytime or night, What is it your asking?  Time to start a journal of gratitude.  If everyone in the world did this, I think we may be able to see peace on earth.  It can really help to change your life. Its profound and worth giving it a shot.

Create a Journal – Feel Your Progress

If you start each day and end it with a grateful heart,  in only 10 days you will start to reap rewards.  Pick a time, I usually tell clients to do this in the evening when the day is done. Get a beautiful journal type book, something you want to pick up and hold.  Write down 10 things you were grateful for that day. You have to do this daily for you to start to feel the results.

Each week you will add to this number  as many as you can,  no pressure and before you know it you will be in gratitude  and feeling grateful for everything.  Its a process and it works. There is nothing more rewarding for me than guiding someone to inner peace and self love.  Today I start my journal off by saying, I am grateful for you. All of you reading this. Check out these inspirational  gratitude cards for gifts for yourself or someone to remind them to be grateful daily.

What is Success to You?

Everyone is Successful in Something!

Many of us think, by a certain time in our life,  we will be or should be financially successful,  but what if your successful in other areas of your life? What if you bring value in a different way? Stop and think to yourself what is it that I contribute to the world. Perhaps its playing an instrument or singing. Helping others?  Each person is here to do something special and has a purpose.  Maybe you haven’t found your purpose yet.

We think by a certain age,  we need to meet a certain criteria, maybe we finish college and now have gotten married and had children, and still wonder,  are we successful?  Well you are ,  if you accomplished anything  that you set out to achieve. It may be just one thing your successful with that to begin with.  Pat yourself on the back, Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone has different ideas of what success is to them.

So many people enjoy the small successes in life, maybe just a 9 to 5 job and home for dinner with family. There are those who enjoy working from home, vacations and travel.  This is not for everyone. we are all different.  Some of us are not as disciplined to be on their own.  We really are all so diverse and it makes life interesting for sure.

Look at some of the things in life you have accomplished.  From the smallest to the biggest we are all successful in some way. Its not only about financial success and the big home and the expensive car.  A lot of people really do not want that lifestyle. Most just want what makes you really happy!  Its not in a store.   You always find it in your heart first!  Now its time to create what you want.

True Happiness – Creates Success

If you find something your passionate about your bound to be happy. Happiness and passion will lead to success. If this is what you want, its yours.  So if this is true, what is it that your truly passionate about?  If you are not sure, think of things you do and really enjoy.  This can be something your doing all day long, and maybe sometimes you lose time. Now if you master this and add it in somehow as a business your a happy and successful person already.  Most people who master this become financially successful as well and are very well rounded.

So if this is something you want to pursue, what would be your steps?  What is it that makes you smile?  make a list.  I know sometimes this can be hard because many of us are not sure what we really love because we are so busy trying to work and pay bills and raise a family and have busy lives that we think we can not stop and get off the hamster wheel, not even for a minute. But you can.  Starting with small steps, like that list.  Go on write it.

Now its time to figure out which of these things can be turned into something you can now create a cash flow out of.  Once you have this and it will be different for all of you.  Everyone does not want the same things in life nor the same ideas. So now write how you can make a business plan with your passion.

Since helping my clients in this area, some tend to take their time, usually due to the fact they never thought about there passions before, who had the time.  So if this is you, don’t sweat it.  Take time and think about it.  It will come to you eventually. We always can recreate our life and rebuild it.

The next most important thing for success with anything is Time management.  A key factor to all  successful lifestyles, not only passion and happiness is needed but how you manage your time.  Do you take a few minutes a day for yourself?  Do you stop when things get crazy in life?

  We are all human and we all have times we go through things we never thought we would have too.  But there is always a few minutes to take for ourselves.  Your the creator of your world so take that risk, just keep moving forward.  Set up a time and make a plan.

So remember you can find your passion, and there is room for success for everyone, What is success? I would love to hear your ideas of what it is to you,  Let me know how you want to make changes.  Maybe you already have. What have you done? What do you plan to do? If this post inspired you, let me know.

Benefits of Meditation

What are Some of The Benefits of Meditation?

1. Anxiety and Stress reducer, do you know that even 5-10 minutes of meditation can help you reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Its so health benefits can be very calming indeed.

2. Depression –  Creating a habit of meditation daily will give you increased happiness and lift you from a melancholy  state. More doctors and health practitioners are telling patients to meditate now. It has shown increased value to people who choose to meditate everyday.

3. Brain fog,  this can help you with organizational skills, and just a feeling of clarity.  You can start your day off meditating, this seems to help make the day go effortless.

4. Benefits of meditation at bedtime – you begin to reconnect with your physical body. Your sleep will improve on many levels. Such as a deeper rem sleep is often reported, after doing this daily.  Which means you will awake more refreshed.

5. Anger and Sadness –  Learning to release feelings during times of difficulty can be very hard for many people.  Using spiritual awareness and some hands on meditation techniques. You can learn to let go of these tough emotions.

Listed above are a few of the Benefits of meditation that can help to heal our bodies and souls. The rewards can out do even some medicine of today.  Some people have even healed faster with meditation.

People who have been meditating for a long period of time, say it is just profound and has helped to change there lives.  The younger you are when you start, the easier it is for you to quiet the mind and be still.

Children can benefit in so many ways.  They are happier and become less depressed.  Well balanced and creative. Children want to contribute more in the communities, as they become adult.

Finding all the positive impact that meditating creates, there are no negative side effects at all.  Many people just find its not easy to be still and calm.  Its free and its calming and can give you incredible insight.

The Many Types of Meditation

There are quite a few types on almost any subject really.  You can use guided meditations for healing,  calming and sleeping, anxiety and stress.  There are some that have frequencies that are to open the mind to relax and heal There is mindful meditation, focus meditation, Transcendental meditation, movement meditation, mantra meditation.

I tend to enjoy mantra and mindful mostly. I teach and work with clients when they are ready to embrace it. I hope some people give it a try at home.  I know many of you think you cant concentrate, but that is the beauty of it. You do not have too.  Just relax and sit and try not to think and center your mind on relaxing.  That is how you can start on your own and grow into it.

Downloads are available for free as well as videos on line.  I personally like guided meditations when I sleep but I enjoy sounds or music, when I am relaxing and want to create.  What are some of your favorite types? Do you have your own? Do you like just nature? or maybe quiet?  Yoga and meditation classes are available everywhere, some have hot yoga. I haven’t tried that.  Not sure its for me. I am not a fan of heat in any form. But if you love it.  It could be for you to try. If you have please let us know about your experiences.



What is a healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy Lifestyle Really?

Is it when your doctor says that all your vitals are in check? When your weight is in alignment with the charts?  Perhaps it’s when you are eating a healthy diet of greens and lean proteins. What about your mental state? Your spiritual side? So according to most doctors in the USA,  It is about all the above and than some. What about exercise?  Most of us want to do it , but how many do?

Every person on the planet may have a similar but very different style of living, this is due to their background, family upbringing, choices they make, as well as other factors.  Even if we  lived in the same environment and ate exactly the same foods daily. Our Cells would react different.  Our DNA is different.

We all are unique in some way, so our needs, may be different.We already learned most us have different wants.  Then why is it, we tend to follow diets and lifestyles that will not work for us or maybe to strict. Create the life you want, and is best for you.

Walking instead of a treadmill, some people do better outside and need that fresh air. Inside we all know what works for us and what doesn’t. Try not to be hard on yourself. Take a step at a time approach.  Add in lots of produce and grains (if tolerated), as well as finding other things in life that make you feel happy, what is your passion?  Do you like to paint? or do something artistic? This will help to create a happier inside which starts to reflect on the outside as well.

Get Moving!

Trying to stay active a few days a week with walking is beneficial. Sometimes it’s hard to manage our time. Just do the best you can at the moment. How can we create a lifestyle that is healthy for ourselves? Is their a one size fits all diet? First off take time to know what works for you. Maybe you need less protein than others, or more.

For me I do well with lower carbs, and no sugar. It is hard to stay the course all the time. Partys and gatherings can make this a nightmare at times. You see that bread or homemade pasta, its almost impossible to say no. Once you have some of that carb overload, that’s it for me, takes me a few weeks to get on the track again. If, you’re a dieter today, most likely you have yo yo dieted. Your great for a couple of weeks, and than squash. You know this is true. So what can we do to stop all the dieting and using that four letter word (DIET). I am tired of hearing it my whole life.

I think we need to sit with ourselves and realize, it’s not a diet. It’s the whole Lifestyle. Once we get this out of the way, make a realization that its going to be the rest of our life. Then we can just relax and start adding healthy foods in daily. Making changes slowly at a comfortable pace.  Make it a process, instead of bread, maybe try a couple of crackers. Lighten the foods you eat and add movement daily. I have gone up and down with weight,  for years.

Being Italian and coming from a family who loves food and cooks well.  Watching the foods we eat is not easy to do.  We just have to do it.  Due to the fact the foods today are so different then years ago. The chemicals and processed foods cause more illness.  We eat more because our bodies are not getting nutrition. So we are over eating unhealthy food.  I have studied  in this field now for years and its a battle still.

What gets me back on track? I think of how great I felt last few weeks. I reflect, how I was walking everyday. Going to the gym a few times a week. I had more energy. I was choosing healthier choices when I would eat or prepare food. Instead of just grabbing a bite of something. I was MINDFUL!!

The key here is becoming mindful on a daily basis. It can be hard when life is stressful, things get hectic, but you need to remember you matter too. If, you’re’e not feeling well, or too over tired, you need to stop, take a minute to evaluate your situation. What can you do to relax?, even if its a few minutes a day and during a stressful time. We have to take care of our body, without it we have no place to live. So what do we do? Take the time out and watch a favorite show or start to read that book, take a hot bath or shower and reflect. Try to keep away from the comfort foods that will only feel good for a few minutes. If you do indulge a bit enjoy it.  Don’t feel guilty about it.

Most stresses put a strain on our body, that is for sure, People will use outlets to deal with the situations and  some of us will over eat, or drink,  and smoke, some need medication or use illegal drugs to deal with their issues. Our goal should be to enjoy life and learn to deal with stress in a healthier way.

Just pick up the phone and have a conversation with a good friend or even a massage is helpful, as well as a night out with friends.  When things get hectic try to go for a time out and reflect what is going on. If needed seek professional help. The many things we can do to deal with hectic day to day stresses.

Taking time for yourself

What if we just took time aside, a few minutes even, to meditate about the day. What we want to accomplish. If we try to make that time, just what you can commit too. It could make the world of difference. I know when I first started meditation, I would just think of other things, like I should be doing the wash, or dont forget to pick up fresh veggies. I couldn’t stay focused. Its took a while to see benefits. A few months in I felt better and noticed I got more done, I even got my monthly massages. I really felt very organized and content.

The sun will rise and you can start again. Breathe in and think of what you want to create, maybe its new love, better health, build up your finances,  or a new job. As long as you’re breathing, its not too late, your a creator of your destiny. Tomorrow has a chance to be better than today. Its all how you see it. Your lifestyle can be more relaxed if you set time for you. A new journey is just a thought that is put into action. What action have you taken lately?